Bill Fukui

VP of Business Development

I have been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 25 years (1995), with hands-on experience in all forms of digital marketing and traditional media advertising, including radio and television. Throughout my career, my focus is on collaborating with you to identify the most effective strategies to generate direct response results, attract higher quality prospects, and build a credible brand/reputation.

For nearly 20 years, I have concentrated solely on marketing practices online, as an executive of a pioneering agency in search engine optimization (SEO), lead generating website design, pay-per-click advertising, social media, review marketing, database marketing and lead intake/follow up.

I have shared our marketing insights by presenting courses at a wide variety of professional meetings and conventions, and publishing numerous educational articles. Some of the meetings include ASAPS, ASPS/ASPSP, Vegas Cosmetic Show, The Aesthetic Show, FFAS, AAFPRS, Global Aesthetics Meeting, IACA/IAPA, Sientra Education Series, CSPS (California), and ASCRS/ASOA.

In addition to publishing articles in numerous journals, I also had the privilege to be a contributing author in the 2019 edition of The Business of Plastic Surgery (Korman/Furness).

I believe successful marketers have common traits that I refer to as the “3 Cs: Creative, Competitive, and Consistent.  I try to incorporate these traits in all aspects of my life, including my favorite hobbies and activities, such as golf (hole-in-one), bowling (perfect 300 game), and fly fishing.  My wife and two grown daughters would probably say I am a bit overly competitive.

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