Google Bard Adds More Search Topics to “Google It” Button

30 Apr, 2023 Google News

Over the past few days, Google Bard received another big update. Now, Google Bard is making life easier for Google users as they have added more topics for people to explore on their Google search with the “Google It” button.

How It Works

When a user goes to Bard with a question regarding their search, they can now click on the “Google It” button. This will open a section called “search related topics,” where the user will find search phrases Google believes can help you find what you need. By clicking on one of these phrases, the user can go on to explore more in the Google search engine.

Search Related Topics

“Search related topics” are terms that are most frequently searched by a user in a session. These are presented by Google. As mentioned earlier, the “search related topics” option shows you the phrases that will help you find what you need. This option can also help you to explore broader interests based on a few of your previous searches.

Release Notes Document

Google is also creating a new release notes document to track updates to Bard. This page will allow users the ability to stay up-to-date on the latest changes and updates to Google Bard. This will include “search related topics” and math and logic updates.

Variety for Drafts

As of April 21st, Google Bard is also now showing a variety of draft responses that come from the users’ questions within the search engine. When you go to view other drafts, there will be a wider range of options that are more distinct.

What Does this Mean for SEO?

With these new Bard functions, there opens more possibility to use the platform for SEO and SEM. This new “Google it” button can be used as a keyword research tool, and help users better find what they are looking for. Google Bard can also help  foster more diversity amongst personal SEO and searches. It will make life easier for users whether it be with their marketing campaigns, content, ad copies, or simply personal life.