June 6th Update – Google Cracks Down on Monopolizing Key Terms on the SERP

14 Aug, 2019 Organic SEO Strategies

Google search engine algorithms are constantly being updated to bring users the most relevant and authoritative information on the internet. With all of these advances, successful web developers are challenged to adapt to Google’s algorithm updates to keep their websites ranking. Today, we are going to take a look at one of the most recent updates affecting the search engine result page.

Site Diversity Change Details

In an effort to diversify results on the first page of Google and lessen the monopolizing of certain keywords, Google announced the “Site Diversity Change” update on June 6, 2019.

This change focuses on diversifying the results returned for any given search query. For each search, Google will now only allow up to two results per domain on the first page. The update also treats subdomains as part of a root domain, so organizations cannot game the system by creating new subdomains to take up more real estate on the first page. Subdomains will not appear if there are already two results from the same main root domain or other associated subdomains.

The purpose of this update is to avoid brand monopolization of a result page for a non-branded keyword search. For users, this will bring a greater variety of information and more relevant content. For web developers, it is now much more important to hold the number 1 and 2 spots on the first page since one domain can no longer take up a full page of results for a given keyword search.

What do These Changes Mean for My Site?

With this update comes an opportunity for sites ranking on the second and third page to move onto the first. With the right SEO techniques, businesses can find themselves moving up faster in the rankings when starting from scratch or with very little SEO value.

If you owned a property that held more than two spots on the first page, this means you will need to diversify your keyword range. If you had 4-5 different pages ranking for Car Accident Lawyer, DUI Lawyer, or Divorce Lawyer, you will want to reallocate resources to start optimizing for additional keywords and practice areas, such as slip and fall, drugs, and child custody. This update forces brands to broaden their SEO strategy rather than hone in on just one practice area.

For more information about Google algorithm updates, you can follow the Google Search Liaison on Twitter. You will find all Google update announcements and more explanation following a release. For more SEO news, keep up with the BluShark Digital blog, where you can find relevant updates to help you in your SEO efforts.

Note: The Site Diversity Change is a separate update from the June 2019 Broad Core update released between June 2-8.