What Does COVID Mean for Google Business Profile?

Coworking and virtual office spaces are currently not allowed as Google Business Profile (GBP) listings because it is difficult to verify the location and validity of the company. However, COVID has completely changed the business world, and more companies have moved entirely online or started utilizing coworking spaces.

What are Coworking and Virtual Spaces?

A coworking space is a neutral place where people can gather to work independently on different projects. Generally, the people in a coworking space do not all work for the same company. A virtual office allows employees and business owners to connect through technology and work remotely without going into a physical location.

It is unclear what the post-COVID economy will look like, and it is possible that many businesses will become entirely virtual or begin using coworking spaces to save resources. Unfortunately, this means a company could lose its Google Business Profile listing.

The Future of Google Business Profile

Google has not made any official announcements on the future of coworking spaces and GBP, but there has been speculation it will likely need to start relaxing its physical office requirements. However, there will likely be strict guidelines to prevent companies from taking advantage of the new system. If Google allows coworking and virtual spaces for GBP listings, it may enforce some of the following rules:

  • Businesses must be able to receive mail at the location
  • Listings must include accurate hours of operation when employees are in the office space
  • Companies must have office numbers, or suite numbers, if in a coworking space
  • Businesses must have direct phone lines (calls should not be routed through office space receptionists)

Why Google Business Profile Listings are Important

Google Business Profile gives companies vital insights and also increases visibility on the web. GBP listings share important information about your business with potential customers, which can boost traffic and increase sales.

While the future of Google Business Profile is uncertain, it is best to stay updated on what could happen in the future to be prepared. If you need help managing your GBP profile, do not hesitate to reach out to our digital marketing experts.