Las Vegas, NV
Brain Trust Legal Group MKTG and MGMT Seminar

We are thrilled to announce that starting Wednesday, September 28th, and running through Friday, September 30th, Brain Trust Legal Group will be hosting the 2022 Legal Marketing and Management Summit. The event tips off in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Wynn Resort. Located on the infamous Las Vegas strip, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the Vegas magic!  We are so excited to welcome back old friends looking to build on the foundations built in prior sessions, as well as welcoming tons of new faces looking to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

This valuable session grants attendees the opportunity to exchange tips and tricks with experts in the field as well as expand upon their network of connections with peers in their industry. Members of our Brain Trust Legal groups are will disclose their “secret recipe” and give some insight into how they have collectively obtained over $70 billion in settlements and verdicts. As we continue to put our lessons into practice and form connections, that number will surely grow. If you are a firm owner looking to grow your business using the same strategy that has shown us such success, you won’t want to miss this conference!

This two-day event will hone in on various different practice areas in the legal sector, giving your firm the opportunity to reach its full potential. You will be provided with the framework to help those that are injured while growing your firm in the process. Our exhibits will feature some of the biggest and most innovative talent in the legal industry. Our 15 top-notch speakers are sure to help you look at your firm’s situation from a different perspective, as well as teach you how to adopt a ‘growth-first’ mentality. In addition to our speakers, we have 5 amazing panelists eager to participate in interactive learnings as well as detailed q&a sessions. There are still more panelists and speakers to come so be sure to check back and see our updated roster!

Be sure to attend on September 28th-30th in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Wynn Resort so you don’t miss out on valuable insight by one of the leaders in the digital marketing space in 2022, BluShark Digital. At the convention, BluShark will have a booth set up where they will run search engine optimization (SEO) reports on your firm for FREE. BluShark can provide your firm with a variety of services that will help elevate your business. Anything from website redesign and restructuring, to creating and curating content, to link building in order to ensure that other sites recognize your website. BluShark also excels at local SEO, drastically improving upon a firm’s google my business (GMB) to better your search rankings. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet with the experts in the digital marketing space today. Book a time to meet with us today!