CASE STUDY: Race to 10 Reviews

In the SEO industry, there is talk about the magical number 10 for Google Business Profile (GBP) reviews. While having a competitive number of reviews for your market is ideal, businesses start to see improvement in rankings when they hit this magic number. 

For example, a Maryland-based criminal defense attorney saw a drastic increase in Local SEO rankings over a 3-month span by increasing their GBP reviews count from 0 to 10 reviews.






Why Do Reviews Matter to Google? 

Reviews are a key factor in establishing trust and credibility with Google. When your business accumulates an ample number of predominantly positive reviews, it signals to Google that your business is reliable and trustworthy. This, in turn, makes Google more likely to show your business in related search queries.


The Importance of the 10-Review Threshold

Reaching 10 reviews is a significant milestone for Google. It sets a baseline indicating that your business is legitimate and actively operating. However, while 10 reviews are a critical starting point, it’s beneficial to aim for a higher number of reviews.


Strive for More Reviews

The number of reviews needed can vary depending on your industry and location. In competitive markets, you may need dozens or even hundreds of reviews to rank above your competitors. For personalized guidance on how many reviews you should aim for, consult with your dedicated account manager. By continuously gathering positive reviews, you enhance your business’s credibility, improve your search rankings, and attract more potential clients.

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