Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 6.0

Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 6.0

We are excited to announce the 6th edition of the Lanier Trial Academy Master Class led by highly accomplished trial attorney, Mark Lanier. For the first time ever, the Lanier Law Firm has extended the intensive trial academy to three days, June 20-23, where Mark Lanier will share his extensive knowledge that has helped the Lanier Law Firm accumulate over $20 billion in verdicts and $4.69 billion in a single verdict.

This master class is catered toward trial attorneys, personal injury, and criminal lawyers who are seeking out strategies and techniques to enhance their knowledge of the legal field. Mark will share his keys to success on the following topics: trial discovery, trial preparation methods, exhibit preparation, voir dire, openings, direct examinations, cross examinations, witness preparation, and closing arguments.

Details You Need to Know

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In addition to adding an extra day of the 6th Lanier Trial Academy Master Class, from June 20-23, Mark Lanier will also look to shed some light on brand new material including Modules and Up-To-Date Staples. Mark will showcase his expertise with three modules: non-verbal cues, time management, and how to identify liars. He will also provide insight on valuable up-to-date staples such as voir dire, examinations, and openings and closings. You won’t want to miss one of the best in the legal space opening his vault of secrets into what gives firms the cutting edge in 2022 and going forward.

Mark Lanier is eager to build upon last year’s material, as this year’s class will reveal new trial techniques meant to complement and enhance those of last year. The master class will also include pre-conference events such as a tour of the Lanier Theological Library and a Meadow Golf Tour. Be sure to RSVP for these events ahead of time, as no attendee walk-ins will be permitted. Additionally, the Lanier Law Firm offers various hotel accommodations with different rates for groups of all sizes. Make sure to book now before availability becomes limited.

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