Episode 34: Sandy Van

26 Jul, 2022

On today’s episode of Maximum Growth Live, Seth and Jay are joined by Sandy Van, owner of Van Law Firm located in Nevada and Washington, to discuss her experience outsourcing and offshoring virtual assistance. Sandy explains how she started incorporating virtual assistants into her law firm’s communications and her experience working with virtual assistants. Seth, Jay and Sandy talk about outsourcing and offshoring VAs for personal help, marketing, case management, litigation and more. Sandy discusses how her virtual assistants have helped her be proactive in assisting and managing clients. Seth and Jay ask Sandy about mistakes to watch out for and about how she started Legal Support Help. Sponsors:BluSharkDigital https://www.blusharkdigital.com ​​- SEO for Law FirmsPriceBenowitz https://www.pricebenowitz.com ​​DC, MD, VA LawyersFirmFlex https://www.getfirmflex.com/social-supersystem/ – Social Media Marketing System for LawyersRuane Attorneys https://www.ruaneattorneys.com​ – Connecticut Criminal and Civil Rights LawyersMaximumLawyer https://www.maximumlawyer.com​​For more MGL content, follow our page! https://www.fb.me/maximumgrowthlive