Episode 39: Sheela Murthy

26 Jul, 2022

On today’s episode of Max Growth Live, Seth and Jay are joined by Sheela Murthy, an immigrant, author and the founder of Murthy Law Firm, to discuss how she built her law firm and how she has stayed motivated throughout her career. Sheela shares her experience outsourcing work and creating her firm’s systems. Sheela talks about her experience going through the immigration process and how that played a role in creating her law firm, focusing on education and helping immigrants. Seth and Jay ask Sheela about how she organizes and outsources her work between the U.S. and other countries. Sheela talks about retaining talent, lawyer well-being and her optimism that keeps her motivated throughout her career. Seth and Jay ask Sheela how she documents her systems, gains buy-in and builds a systems based practice. Sheela talks about legal entrepreneurship, firm growth and her best business practices.