Episode 44: Tom Fenestey

26 Jul, 2022

Today Seth and Jay are joined by Tom Lenfestey, a practicing attorney, CPA, and author of “Designing a Succession Plan for Your Law Practice”. Tom shares his experience in the legal industry and his focus on transition and succession planning that later helped him explore other professions. In addition to his legal expertise Tom created, advertised, and implemented strategic business and estate plans of his clients. Seth asks how Tom determines what makes a firm sellable and what systems firms can implement to do so. Tom discusses how ill informed legal professionals are when it comes to setting up their own practices for succession, transitions, and exit opportunities. Seth asks what firm owners can do to best set themselves up to sell in the future. Tom shares why he created The Law Practice exchange and how it can be used by those looking to buy or sell their law firms and as an opportunity for legal marketing.