Why Mobile is Important

There is no question that today’s world is moving more and more mobile. Almost 50% of search traffic is coming from mobile devices, and making sure that a business’s website is well optimized for mobile users is increasingly important. Being on the forefront of mobile search optimization and design best practices help to set our clients websites apart. Having a well-designed and highly converting mobile site could mean the difference between a visitor calling your business or deciding to go with a competitor.

Mobile Optimization

There are many different things a business can do in order to best optimize their mobile website for ranking in the search engines. Many of the same principles involved in traditional SEO can also be applied in mobile optimization. The important thing to understand about mobile is the necessity of providing the best possible user experience. Part of what this entails is making sure that you have a mobile friendly website, that your website works on different types of mobile devices, and that the technical elements of your site are as well optimized as possible. For example, making sure that your mobile website has a high page load speed is of critical importance. Not only will you lose website visitors if the site takes too long to load, but you may also take a ranking hit, hindering your ability to get maximum visibility in the search engines.

Responsive Design: Building a Better User Experience

One of the biggest problems we see with many businesses’ mobile websites are that they have not been designed specifically for mobile devices or the many different types of mobile devices and operating systems that exist. This leads to distorted images, difficulty going from place to place on the site, and a poor user experience overall. The concept of responsive design delivers the same website, but responds to whatever device the user is pulling the website up from. This means that the user is displayed the version of the site that is best suited for them, helping you turn clicks into calls.

Our Approach to Mobile

At BluShark Digital, we understand the importance of mobile search and the value that comes with having a high-performing mobile website. We will work with you to develop an aesthetically pleasing and well optimized mobile site that puts you a step ahead of the competition.

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