Case Study: Satellite Offices


This case study shows how much satellite offices can increase market share and build a firm.

When strategically created in untapped markets, additional satellite office spaces can help expand a firm’s reach into new communities. Without a pin on the map, a firm cannot reach certain markets through local rankings or Google Maps. However, a firm or business can reach a previously unreachable market by creating satellite offices within them. 

It is important to note that each market was selected based on its current population, potential reach, and competitive makeup. Many factors affect local rankings that are considered when deciding on a new market strategy. If you are interested in reaching new markets but are unsure how to begin, reach out to our team to learn more!


This firm created 5 satellite offices in previously researched markets across Pennsylvania. The below data sets show the growth of the individual GBPs and additional lead volume.

Each GBP has a call tracking number enabled. The Direct Calls came through each number during the data range. Each GBP has insights that Googe automatically provides. These Interactions include calls, website clicks, and direction requests.

Note: All data is from April 1st to November 30, 2022.

Data Set Totals

Map of locations

map of locations

GBP Performance Data

GBP Performance Data 1

Lead Volume

Direct Calls 696
GBP Interactions 2,271

Data Set 1 – Norristown

GBP Performance Data

data set 1 norristown

Lead Volume

Direct Calls 105
GBP Interactions 350


Data Set 2 – Lewisburg

GBP Performance Data

data set 2 lewisburg

Lead Volume

Direct Calls 148
GBP Interactions 478

Data Set 3 – Bensalem

data set 3 bensalem

GBP Performance Data

Total: 549

Lead Volume

Direct Calls 148
GBP Interactions 549

Data Set 4 – Quakertown

GBP Performance Data

data set 4 Quakertown

Lead Volume

Direct Calls 149
GBP Interactions 469

Data Set 5 – Allentown

data set 5 allentown


GBP Performance Data

Lead Volume

Direct Calls 146
GBP Interactions 425

Note: Allentown was suspended for the majority of October.