Welcome to The Conference Connection, where we talk about upcoming and past legal conferences. In this episode, hosts Paul Faust and Seth Price give a quick run-down of the must-attend legal events of the year. They kick off with a spotlight on the Lanier Trial Academy, where Mark Lanier shares his invaluable trial skills and strategies. This unique conference, held from June 17th-20th in Houston, Texas, offers an immersive experience with top-notch vendors and networking opportunities.

The conversation then shifts to TLU’s Huntington Beach conference by Dan Ambrose. Known for its intensive trial skills training and exceptional speakers, this event has become a cornerstone for many legal professionals looking to sharpen their courtroom techniques. Paul and Seth also touch on other significant legal conferences like MTMP, rounding out a jam-packed schedule for the end of the year.

Listeners will appreciate insights into family-friendly venues, like the Texas-shaped lazy river at the Lanier event’s hotel, making these conferences not only educational but also enjoyable for attendees’ families. Whether you’re looking to enhance your trial skills, expand your professional network, or simply stay ahead in the legal field, this episode provides all the details you need.

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