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Episode 65: Happy Thanksgiving!
Need a quick half hour break from the family? Join Seth and Jay (taped live the day BEFORE Thanksgiving) where they discuss holidays bonuses, how...
Episode 64: Seth and Jay Talk Scholarship Contests
Join Seth and Jay as they talk scholarship contests, being intentionally overstaffed, holding office "state of the Union" presentations and much more!
Episode 63: Seth and Jay for a Potpourri
Join Seth and Jay for a potpourri of topics about offshoring, Crisp conference, building brand etc.
Episode 62: Talking lead triage and too much positivity
Talking Toxic positivity versus the positivity you need to be a entrepreneur and what to triage when leads drop.
Episode 61: A Candid Convo with Seth & Jay
Coming fresh off the Max Law Con, Seth and Jay talk about hiring issues of the Great Resignation (including Jay's recent resignation in his office)
Episode 60: Back from Max Law Con!
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss their takeaways from Max Law Con and what the future will bring
Episode 59: On The Way To Max Law2021
Join Seth and Jay as they talk about the upcoming presentations at Max Law Con 2021 and get into what the ROI can be on...
Episode 58: Seth and Jay talk Jay’s Growth
Join Seth and Jay as they talk about what vertical should Jay add to his firm and get Seth's thoughts about why or why not...
Episode 57: PTI Edition Seth vs Jay
This week Seth and Jay duke it out over common questions a law firm owner may face, and you get to be the judge as...

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