S2:E34: Video Growth

Welcome Seth and Jay as they talk about a video growth plan, getting out of the way for growth, what will you stop in 2022 and more. Videos are becoming more apparent and they are more frequently used across diversified platforms. Platforms are changing and people’s attention span is lowering, so it’s important that people can easily digest the content and information that is being pushed. Having a brand and personality that is run throughout videos is extremely important and is something that may change over time. Consistency is also very important when having videos and generating content in order to give the audience a reason to watch them for the reasoning that it could be useful information to them. Video is a great way to make a connection with an audience that would otherwise be hard to reach due to differences in media consumptions and generational differences. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how you can leverage videos and unstoppable ads to further your messaging!

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