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S4 E12: Chatting With Fireproof Co-Author John Nachazel
Join Seth & Jay as they discuss systems and how to run your firm better with John Nachazel, powerhouse firm administrator for Mike Morse Law...
S4 E11: Great Debate. Should Associates Grind Or Generate Leads?
Join Seth and Jay as they debate the best use of your attorneys
S4 E10: Debate! Do You Even Need a Website?
Join Seth and Jay as they debate if you need to build a website at all anymore! Which side do you think won?
S4 E9: Inflation And Traction/EOS
Join Seth and Jay as they talk Inflation and quoting fees and the use/misuse of EOS and Traction in your office AND which is better...
S4 E8: Recession and Investments In Tech and Training
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss If a recession is inevitable, where should you be investing now to survive it? Also, how long does...
S4 E7: More Hiring Challenges
Join Seth and Jay as they deal with an applicant asking for more money than the job posting sets forth, and how to deal with...
S4 E6: Seth and Jay Discuss Hiring In The Coming Years
Join Seth and Jay as they get deep into the future of law firm's ability to hire talent and what you can do about it...
S4 E5: “Golden Hangcuffs” and The Value Of a Mastermind Program
Join Seth and Jay back from vacation and discussing avoid turnover via golden handcuffs, should you have your attorneys sell themselves or not, the battle...
S4 E4: The Law Firm Blueprint Tackles HR Questions and Vacations and A/B Players
This week join Seth and Jay as they discuss: Taking 2 weeks off in a row to see what “breaks” How to deal with an...
S4 E3: Onboarding Begins With The Job Posting
Join Jay on this special 30 minute presentation about how to onboard your new teammember for success.
S4 E2: Learn How To Scale Your Firm On Today`s Market
Join Seth as he dives deep with Mike Morse about scaling a firm in today's market
S4 E1: GMB How Many Offices Should You Open, And How to Treat Google
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss how many offices is too many offices, when google stops becoming a destination and becomes a competitor, a...

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