The Law Firm Blueprint

The Law Firm Blueprint

The Law Firm Blueprint is a production by attorneys Jay Ruane, Managing Partner of Ruane Attorneys and CEO of FirmFlex and Seth Price, Managing Partner of Price Benowitz and Founder of BluShark Digital. The Law Firm Blueprint serves as a community of lawyers looking to continue their education in both the business and practice of law.

Each week on their podcast Seth Price and Jay Ruane are joined by dynamic guests to discuss innovative strategies to catalyze law firm growth. You can catch the video stream Tuesdays and Thursdays on Facebook Live with encore presentations throughout the week. Sign up below to stay up to date on the latest information from Jay Ruane and Seth Price.

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    Latest Episodes

    S5:E19: Structural Changes and Mid Level Management in Law Firms
    In this episode Seth and Jay talk management for law firms.
    S5:E18: Call Tracking Yes or Nay
    In this episode Seth and Jay talk about the need for call tracking on your website, and if you even need it at all.
    S5:E17: Talking Shop with Seth and Jay
    In this episode they discuss how more firms are adopting AI, indoctrinating culture as soon as you hire and being intentional in setting aside time...
    S5:E16: Let’s Discuss Virtual Offices
    In this episode, Seth and Jay discuss how to envision what you will need for space in 2030 as you think about long term leases...
    S5:E15: Back from Summer Break!
    Lets talk about the storm Jay has just weathered in his office and how a strong culture helped it thrive afterwards!
    S5:E14: Talking About Firm Culture
    In this episode Seth and Jay talk about firm culture, and how it shifts over time, and more importantly, how to cultivate one for your...

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