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S5:E9: Talking about Multi-Generational Workforces
This week on the show, Seth and Jay dive into details on how to collect the money you are owed and what benefits you must...
S5:E8: Talking New Referral System and Do You Really Need HR?
This week on the show we talk about Jay's new plan to cultivate more referrals in 2023, and do you need a HR person? An...
S5:E7: Seth on the Road at ABA Techshow
Join Seth live from ABA Techshow and Jay back at home (of course) to talk the latest tech at the show and more!
S5:E6: A Players, Broken Referrals, and What Value Exists in a Phone Number?
Join Seth and Jay as they talk about the true value of A players and if you can have everyone be an A player in...
S5:E5: Talking Takeaways from Hawaii + A Convo with Jarret Prusin
Join Seth and Jay as they talk about this week in the Law Firm Blueprint world!
S5:E4: Dealing with Issues with Employees
Join Seth and Jay as they talk Fireproof/EOS, solving the problem when a great employee falls apart and more!
S5:E3 Email Newsletters, Marketing Management + Drugs!
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss email newsletters and how to maximize engagement, how to hire someone to handle your marketing and what to...
S5:E2: What’s Your Plan For 2023?
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss a bunch of short topics including innovative methods of interviewing law students, Jay's focus for 2023, and more...
S5:E1: Happy New Year!
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss owners taking vacations and getting jealousy from staff and how to deal with unprofitable lawyers who can't recognize...
The Law Firm Blueprint Special End of Year Feature Episode: ChatGPT+
Join Seth and Jay as they wrap up the year talking about chatgpt and other important topics
S4:E20: Let’s Talk About Bad Days
Join Seth and Jay as they talk about their crazy mornings solving problems, and if there are too many conferences nowadays, as well as the...
S4:E19: How to Spend, and on What?
Join Seth and Jay as they discuss if you should open an office or spend that same money on marketing, if you should consider bonuses...

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