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Episode 11: Live with Keith Givens
In this episode, Seth and Jay talk with Keith Givens, founder of The Cochran Firm.
Episode 10: Live with Allison Williams
In this episode, we talk about the monumental step of growing from 1 lawyer to 2 by hiring your first associate; we also talk about...
Episode 9: Live with Jack Newton
In this episode, Seth and Jay interview Jack Newton, cofounder and CEO of Clio.
Episode 8: Special Guest: Mark Britton
In this extra long special episode, Seth and Jay talk with Mark Britton, founder of Avvo, and talk about how Avvo came to be, and...
Episode 6: Growing During Covid
In this episode, Seth and Jay chat with Kyle Peiter, an injury lawyer in Nashville, and Jay gives a tip towards the end that can...
Episode 5: Growing with In-House or Outsourced Help
In this episode, Seth and Jay debate whether its better to bring people in house or to use available outsourcing to staff up.
Episode 4: Growth by Acquisition
In this episode, Seth & Jay interview Lin McCraw and Chuck Boyk, who are on both ends of the growth by acquisition process.
Episode 3: All About Directories
In this episode, Jay Ruane, Seth Price and Nalini Prasad break down the role of directories in your digital marketing plan.
Maximum Growth Live Episode 2
In this episode, Seth and Jay talk with Chris Ragehbi who launched his private practice within the last week and 5 things he can do...

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