In this video, Colan Nielsen, Vice President of Local Search at Sterling Sky Inc, joins Seth to unveil local search secrets and SEO tips. Colan advises listeners that when it comes to SEO, “there’s relevance, distance, and prominence. And I think as a strategist, at the end of the day, everything you do, really has to align with one of those three buckets.” Colan provides detailed and relevant advice for law firms looking to grow, suggesting the Jepto tool to help optimize your businesses’ service areas. Seth and Colan also discuss Local U, which is a local search educational seminar that Sterling Sky runs, encouraging listeners to attend June 24th in Detroit.

The two enter into a wide ranging SEO discussion, covering some helpful tactics and best practices, specifically when it pertains to law firm SEO and local search secrets. They discuss the magic number of 10 GBP reviews and how that relates to ranking, as well as a businesses 1-5 star rating and how that comes into play. They also discuss the relationship between paid ads and organic ranking, google’s updates and ever changing landscape, being “filtered” by Google, and more!


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