Google Approved Satellite Office Checklist

Google Approved Satellite Office Checklist

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a physical office location to create a Google Business Profile. The location of a brick and mortar plays a large role in how and where a business will rank in the local 3 Pack at the very top of the search engine result page.

Download our quick checklist on best practices for a Google Business Profile address before choosing an office location. Our checklist will help ensure your location sets you up for success with Google and is in the best interest of ranking yourself in the local 3 pack.


Download Your Satellite Office Checklist

    Why does your GBP physical address matter? 

    In the world of SEO, the name of the game is visibility on the search engine result page when someone is searching for a service you offer. The closer to the top of the search result page your business appears, the more likely you are to convert a searcher into someone who clicks on your website or places a call to your team.

    The local three pack is one of the most valuable and sought after positions for a business to show up when someone searches for a service – mostly because it is located above the organic top 10 on page one.

    In order to be considered for the local 3 pack, you must have a Google Business Profile profile.

    In order to create a Google Business Profile profile, you will need to create an account, entering in the basic information of your name, phone number, and address. Google will send a post card to the physical address to verify you are, in fact, a business with a presence at that location. Once you receive the post card and enter the pin number on the post card into your account, you will be verified. Without a location that Google finds appropriate, you will not be able to verify your Google Business Profile or you will find yourself not getting the love you’d like from Google in the search results.