Local Services Ads 

Local Services Ads are a unique way to boost your SEO strategy and connect to your local community. Local Services Ads is a Google-run advertising service that helps you generate, manage and track leads in the form of phone calls and messages. Building your local SEO with Local Services Ads can help your business grow and generate high-quality leads online.

Growing Your Local Presence

Local Services Ads can boost your local and online presence. Businesses are able to target and display ads to potential customers in their business locations, counties, zip codes, and other specific communities. In addition to locations, businesses can choose the services they want to advertise. When a potential customer searches for the services that your business offers in these locations, Local Services Ads will display your business at the top of the search result. Potential customers can choose from a list of businesses, and call or message the business directly. Customers are also able to schedule a booking through your ads. This location-based service also connects to your Google My Business profile to provide potential customers with more information about your services.

Building Trust with Potential Customers

Not only do Local Service Ads aim to build a local and online presence in the search results, but it helps businesses build trust with their customers. Businesses are Google Screened before being able to advertise on Local Service Ads. This option is only available for certain businesses, including lawyers, real estate agents, financial planners, and child care and preschool providers. Google Screened businesses and professionals must pass background and license checks, verifying that their licenses are current and valid.

Local Services Ads also provides a Google Guarantee badge for businesses that pass the Google screening and verification process. Businesses with a Google Guarantee badge allow for customers to be reimbursed if they are not satisfied with the quality of the business’s services up to a lifetime limit of $2,000 in the United States.

Through both Google Screened and Google Guarantee verification, businesses are able to build trust with potential customers and boost their reputation online. This verification process shows that your business is credible and legitimate.

Get High-Quality Leads, Dispute The Low Quality

Managing leads is easier with Local Services Ads. Since the leads go directly to an account profile, business owners can reply to messages, write notes, track bookings and manage leads in real-time. Businesses are also able to dispute leads that are low quality and pay only for the leads that are related to your business. Businesses can dispute leads for various reasons, such as spam calls, location or job not served, and duplicate calls. Local Services Ads also runs on a cost-per-lead basis compared to other forms of advertising, such as Google Ads which can charge you based on cost-per-click. This system allows you to get refunds for low-quality leads and helps your business focus on the leads you desire.

Connect to Your Local Community With Local Services Ads

Building your local SEO strategy is crucial for generating leads and growing your business. Local Services Ads can help you connect with your local community, build credibility and gain high-quality leads. Local SEO marketing can boost your business’s reputation and help you develop a stronger relationship with customers seeking your services in your area. To learn more about Local Services Ads and how you can build a stronger local SEO strategy, contact BluShark Digital for a free consultation now.