The Benefits of Implementing Google Business Profile Profiles

A well-built online brand encompasses a variety of elements, from link building to website optimization to online advertising. However, regardless of the specific composition of a brand’s online profile, one part is certain: a Google Business Profile profile is essential.

Google Business Profile, also known as GBP, is a tool offered by Google that lets you manage and optimize the profile that shows up when someone searches for your business. These profiles act like a gateway between your business and potential customers, offering information such as your hours, website, phone number, address, and a variety of other customizable features that help a potential viewer understand what you do and how they can interact with your business.

Creating a GBP account and managing your GBP profile can not only allow you to put your best and most accurate information right in front of potential customers, but it can be an essential element to lead generation for your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Since the tool is free to use, any business can benefit from the insights and customization offered by this great platform.

What is a Google Business Profile Profile?

Simply put, a GBP profile is just a tool that lets you access your business listing. In this context, a listing is the panel that appears on the search engine results page (SERP) and the GBP profile is what gives you access to claiming this listing as your business. Once you claim your Google listing, you are given the ability to edit the information in this panel. A GBP listing can exist whether or not the business has a GBP profile.

Below is a picture of our GBP profile, which we are able to edit and control.

blushark digital's google my business profile

Creating a GBP listing is similar to adding a place to Google Maps, almost anyone can do it. All Google requires to create a GBP listing is a company name, the address of service location of the business, and the type of business that it is.

To claim ownership of a GBP listing, a business owner must create a GMail account. Once an account has been made, a person can click the ‘Claim This Business’ or ‘Own This Business’ button to begin the verification process that certifies whether this individual actually owns the business they are trying to claim. After this step, a business owner can access, manage, customize, and enhance their listing.

What Can I Use my Google Business Profile Profile For?

Any industry can utilize a GBP profile, from plumbers to lawyers, restaurants to physicians, and many more. Once you set up your GBP you can begin working on the three largest benefits of this platform: exposure, insights, and SEO.

Highlight your Business

While the options for displayed information may be limited, GBP highlights the basic ways someone may be able to contact a business, such as hours, contact information, and business location. A section for customer reviews, business posts, and Google Q&A’s can also tell new customers what previous customers thought of your business and what services you offer. When people search for your business, the GBP listing is often the first point of contact they may have with your company, so keeping this information up to date and relevant is a must.

Collect Insights on your Business

After setting up a GBP profile, there are various kinds of data that you may collect and review. A business can see how many people viewed the GBP profile, what actions they took, such as calling the business or looking for directions, and where people are searching them from. This feature can help a business understand their audience and tailor specific campaigns or posts to certain demographics.

Work with Local SEO

Like many other parts of a business’s online presence, a GBP profile can be edited and customized to highlight the specific elements that a business offers through targeted keywords. By targeting specific words and prioritizing quality of information and customer trust, GBP profiles are yet another place that a business can increase their ranking on the SERP.

How to Start Utilizing your GBP Profile in Digital Marketing

Google Business Profile profiles are only as good as how a business makes them, so claiming your business’ GBP profile and strengthening its appearance early on can be critical for your brand’s online presence and success.

As previously mentioned, GBP is a free tool that can set a business apart from the competition. Claiming your GBP profile can help your brand appear in more places online and it can give potential customers a way to investigate your brand without going to a bunch of other websites, social platforms, or review sites. With such information all in one place, it is no wonder that GBP listings are becoming important elements to successful digital marketing campaigns.

At BluShark Digital, we have perfected our strategy over the years that works to bring you the desired results. Talk to a member of our team today to learn how we can make your GBP profile work for you in a personalized digital marketing campaign.