Mobile Website 

There is no question that today’s world is increasingly mobile. Almost 50% of search traffic is coming from cell phones and other mobile devices, which means that it’s crucial to make sure your website is optimized for these users.

BluShark Digital strives to be on the forefront of search engine optimization by implementing best practices that help our client’s websites stand apart, no matter the platform or searcher. Having a well-designed and responsive mobile site could mean the difference between a prospective client calling you or deciding to go with a competitor. In an environment as competitive as digital marketing, we want to help our clients make an impactful first impression.

To achieve this, a website needs to have a mobile design that is adaptable to users viewing your site through a mobile device or browser. Websites that offer a layout more friendly for mobile viewing are far more likely to lead to a call from a prospective client. Our designs give each website an interactive presentation and behind-the-scenes cleanup to ensure ease-of-access for users and search engines alike. Since mobile search is core to so much of search engine optimization (SEO), BluShark Digital goes the extra mile to implement and maintain responsive and user-friendly websites for each one of our clients.

Mobile Optimization

There are many ways a business or organization can optimize its mobile website for search engine rankings. Although traditional SEO strategies can supplement mobile optimization, the main purpose for mobile updates is to provide the best possible user experience (UX). Part of having a fully developed digital marketing strategy includes implementing a mobile-friendly version of your website that is responsive across different types of devices.

For example, fast page load speeds for mobile devices are critical. Not only will you lose visitors if the site takes too long to load, but you may also take a rankings hit, hindering your ability to get maximum visibility in search engines. As a result, site speed has the potential to make or break your digital marketing plan.

As part of our process, BluShark Digital helps clients to revamp their website in ways that impact search engine rankings. Our team can complete mobile site audits and use our set of comprehensive tools to gauge your site’s strengths and weaknesses. From site speed and design to load times and backend development, we have a comprehensive understanding how each element can affect rankings and UX.

Responsive Design: Building a Better User Experience

One of the biggest problems we see with many mobile websites is that they are not specifically designed for that platform. This leads to distorted images, difficulty navigating the site, and a poor user experience overall. To address these issues, our responsive design approach delivers the same website, but one that specifically responds to whatever device the user is using. This means that the user only sees a version of the site that is best suited for them, with margins, text, images, and videos all optimized for their specific screen size.

This emphasis on adaptability can help turn clicks into calls. Because a user is navigating your site on a phone or tablet, communication should be no more than a tap away. However, clients should have a variety of options to reach your firm.

From clickable buttons that make direct calls to SMS texts, emails, and consultation requests, we help build a comprehensive site that offers seamless contact features.

No matter the industry, potential clients are often unwilling to navigate a slow or poorly formatted website. Because first impressions matter, mobile website optimization is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy.

Our Approach to Mobile Website Design

As the digital landscape continues to shift, your mobile site will likely be the first impression for many prospective clients. This makes mobile website optimization crucial to improving bounce rates and lead generation. As a result, all mobile sites should be as comprehensive and fleshed out as desktop sites.

At BluShark Digital, we understand the importance and value that comes with having a high-performing mobile site. We will work with you to develop an aesthetically pleasing design and optimized site that puts you a step ahead of the competition. To learn more about developing a responsive and optimized mobile site, call us today.