Paid Ads for Lawyers

Paid ads for lawyers can be a powerful tool for a law firm to increase their digital presence. Google Ads campaigns offer unique benefits that are different from other digital marketing strategies.

Because of this, established and well-maintained paid ads can help law firms raise brand recognition, increase incoming leads, and help maximize an overall return on investment.

Ad Campaigns for Attorney Marketing

Along with a fully built-out organic SEO strategy, paid ad campaigns provide another avenue to reach potential clients and increase incoming leads. Many pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are listed at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) above organic results.

Because of this, properly researched and implemented paid ads can be a useful way to strengthen your approach to SEO. Google Ads contains numerous features that marketing teams experienced with PPC can utilize to help further optimize a campaign. This includes tools such as responsive display ads, access to performance data, and budget management features.

As a result, paid ad campaigns have several benefits for both new and already-established firms. Because these campaigns usually yield quality results in a short span of time, they are often beneficial for new legal practices seeking to make an impression in a market space. Conversely, Google Ads can also help an established firm looking to maximize their brand exposure and lead generation.

Focusing Campaigns on Legal Areas

In Google Ads, law firms may choose to segment different campaigns based on practice areas or case types. For example, a personal injury lawyer can create separate campaigns for cases involving car accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death claims. Similarly, a criminal defense attorney could build campaigns for DUI claims, expungement, and drug cases.

By breaking down ads to specific target areas, a paid ad campaign can help create targeted advertisements that respond to what a specific user is searching for. A skilled marketing team could also help to establish different budgets for each campaign in order to focus resources on lead-generating content.

What Types of Paid Ads are Best for Legal Marketing?

In addition to traditional search ads that appear at the top of a results page, there are many types of paid advertising that law firms could utilize to maximize incoming leads. This includes local service ads (LSAs) which allow a business to be listed at the top of a Google results page with a verification badge. Other types of paid advertisements include:

  • Remarketing ads (also referred to as retargeting ads)
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Gmail Sponsored Promotion

With so many paid advertisement options, many law firms may wonder what the best type is for them. An experienced digital marketing professional could examine the needs of your law firm and help determine the best choice that is right for your firm.

Tracking Client Leads from PPC Ads

Many attorneys want to know how they could measure the direct impact a PPC campaign has on their business. There are many third-party tools that digital marketing professionals could use to track incoming leads to a law firm. These tools allow an individual to track and measure incoming leads from form submissions, chats, and calls. From there, a PPC expert could help determine which leads are qualified and where they came from.

Implementing Paid Ads for Law Firms

While paid ads can be beneficial on their own, they are strongest when used as part of a greater law firm digital marketing strategy. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can provide additional benefits to your Google Ads campaign, and vice versa.

The marketing professionals at BluShark Digital are experienced in creating and maintaining successful paid ad campaigns for lawyers. Our team is knowledgeable about how paid ads fit into a larger digital marketing campaign, and understand how to target areas that align with your law firm’s goals. To learn more about how we could help, contact us today for a free consultation.