Content Marketing

Content creation is an extremely important part of any company’s SEO strategy and its website’s ability to rank on page 1 of the Google search engine results page (SERP). Curating frequent, high-quality, optimized, and relevant content is one of the primary ways a business can communicate to Google exactly what its company and site offers searchers.

It is important to ensure that copy is rich with keywords that a user would search. Investing in content marketing and implementing a user-driven content plan into your overall SEO strategy can help ensure Google sees your site as authoritative, in turn ranking your site on the SERP so that it’s visible to potential customers.

Establishing Site Authority through Content Curation

Many websites make the mistake of creating one or even a handful of main practice area pages and then throwing the kitchen sink into them. This can confuse the Google algorithm and make it near impossible for the content to stand out, no matter how strong it may be.

Beyond targeted landing pages, a website should offer deeper pages of content with supplemental information. Creating silos—whereby pages are grouped into topics and each page is optimized for specific keywords—is one way of showing Google what your site is all about. For example, if a business publishes a page of content on the services offered by its car accident lawyers, it is useful to provide further information about car accidents, such as pages on different types of collisions, common injuries, or even how a claim works.

These supplemental pages illustrate to Google that a website is offering a depth of knowledge on a subject, rather than simply selling its services on a single page.  By showing the search engine that you understand these topics in full, you signal that you are an authority in the field and therefore deserve Google to view your website as credible and worthy of ranking.

Choosing the Right Keywords

The effective use of keywords is crucial in digital marketing. Tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner can be useful in determining search volume and the terms people are searching within your market. There are many other tools available that identify queries users are searching in Google related to a field or practice. Those tools are useful as they can offer ideas of what to include in your content pages and the important short and long-tail keywords to incorporate.

Long-tail keywords are phrases that are often longer, as the name implies, and answer a question. When fit properly into a silo build, they can be a crucial part of a content marketing plan.

Tools aren’t perfect but can be a great jumping-off point and help inform the creation of effective user-driven content. It is easy to get lost in the numbers, however, and be left without a clear and concise content marketing strategy. BluShark Digital can help you zero in on the keywords and content that fit your needs and market.

Find Your Niche

As a professional, you have an abundance of knowledge to share. How you share this information is key to ranking on Google. If your area of focus is niche, show that off. For example, if you are a family lawyer who specifically caters to fathers in divorces, create blogs or content pages discussing the nuances of this focus. If you have an architectural firm, what designs set you apart?

Other ways to demonstrate your site’s unique focus include creating FAQs or videos that highlight the ins and outs of what you do. No matter the industry, highlighting your area of work through content curation helps build site authority and trust in your brand.

Set Your Website Apart with an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you are looking to rank for certain terms in a competitive market or carve out your own niche in a smaller area, having a thoroughly developed content marketing strategy is often one of the keys to success.

Bottom line, we always suggest writing about what you know. Website content that is curated from a place of interest is always stronger – and you are more likely to create content regularly on a topic you are passionate about.

To learn more about developing a unique content plan and how we can help publish on average a page of content a day, contact BluShark Digital for a free consultation now.