Local SEO

The way people are using search engines today highlights the importance of local search rankings. Simply put, local SEO (also known as local search) is the list of search results that appear in the “3-pack”, or map results. These results show Google Business Profile (GBP) accounts in the searcher’s area that are relevant to their query. The search engine prioritizes certain results for convenience, and this often means showing results based on proximity.

Ranking well locally means that your business name, website link, and phone number will display before the organic search results even begin. For many industries, properly creating and maintaining a GBP account is essential. When done correctly, a GBP listing creates a strong first impression to prospective clients and is critical to local SEO.

The Changing Local Landscape

One of the most important aspects of SEO from a local perspective is staying on top of the ever-changing optimization needed for the search engine results page (SERP). Google and other search engines constantly change how businesses appear to the user, how many appear, and ultimately influence how users may interact with businesses and organizations in their area.

At BluShark Digital, our marketing team understands the importance of staying up-to-date with any local search changes. We constantly survey the SEO landscape for both minor and major Google updates which may impact digital marketing. Our cutting-edge techniques have successfully helped businesses become visible in their local searches, which in turn helps to generate new leads and other business opportunities.

Effective marketing can leverage local search as a means to convert queries into new business. Google strives to provide the best results for its users. Over time, this has come to mean 3-packs and more focus on the top results in an area. With client search intent and continual Google updates, being in the top tier of the search results is crucial.

The Importance of Google Business Profile

When a user searches for a specific industry, Google may provide a “3-pack” of local businesses with GBP information. Users often see a business’ name, review rating, category, address, phone number and website. Individuals looking from their mobile device may also have the option to call a business or organization directly from the search page.

Part of local SEO relies on filling out, verifying, and maintaining the GBP profile. Google wants to optimize a user’s experience and provide the best results for the query. For many businesses, a prospective client may need assistance immediately and spend less time searching for the perfect fit. This means that certain GBP profiles must be comprehensive and accurate to attract potential clients who are in a time crunch.

To help businesses reach and connect prospective clients, BluShark Digital builds out GBP profiles and cultivates local search content for your business or organization. This includes monitoring local listings for spam and monitoring any ranking fluctuations after Google rolls out an update. No matter the digital terrain, our team can work to ensure your GBP is up-to-date and detailed.

Optimizing Local Search

There are many different factors search engines use when displaying local search results. One of the most important things is the consistency of a business’s NAP, or Name, Address, Phone number. While checking the NAP is a good base, it is also crucial to ensure your website’s NAP is consistent across the internet.

To keep NAPs up to date, it is important to routinely check your online business accounts and verify existing information. If there are discrepancies, Google may highlight incorrect information and prevent potential clients from reaching your page.

Constant GBP monitoring is also critical, because Google lets users suggest edits. This means people not associated with your business may affect your GBP information.

There are a number of other search ranking factors and actions any business can take to help them show well in their local search results. At BluShark Digital, we strive to provide the highest level of local SEO service and implement best practices for each kind of digital marketing strategy. This may include creating posts on a GBP profile, building links from reputable pages, and curating content to serve client inquiries in the area. Our team can work to improve your businesses’ relevance and prominence to key user queries. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing, which means we can work with your company to create the best strategy that fits your needs.

Learn More About the Importance of Local SEO

It is crucial not to underestimate the importance of local SEO. When done correctly, local search can help you reach clients in their time of need, all while helping you emerge as an online leader in your market.

At BluShark Digital, we know how to integrate what works now with new and emerging search engine developments to build a solid and cutting-edge SEO framework. To learn more, call us today to begin making an impression online.