The Importance of Google My Business (GMB) Reviews

When searching for a business or service online, many people defer to reviews to help make an informed decision. As a result, businesses with reviews on their Google My Business (GMB) will likely collect more clicks and conversions than those without them.

However, having the right reviews online can have a serious impact on search rankings and reputation. As a result, working with a skilled digital marketing team who are experienced with GMB profiles can make a significant impact on your online presence.  

Understanding GMB Reviews

While having reviews on your GMB is important, the content and star ratings of these reviews is also crucial.

Star Ratings

Any reviewing customer has the option to leave a star rating from 1-5. Once a star rating is selected, Google brings up buttons that help to clarify the selection. Examples include “good quality”, “professional”, or “poor quality”, “not professional”.

4 star review2 star review3 star review

These buttons help clients leave important information about their star rating without leaving a written comment. Of course, these buttons cannot be as specific or in-depth as written review—and in fact, when a client selects a 3-star rating, the buttons are not an option—but they do help to contextualize an otherwise strictly quantitative review.

Written Reviews

While star ratings and review buttons are important, written reviews are often the most compelling for potential clients. Detailed stories about a customer or client’s experience, how a business helped, and the results that they provided all show prospective clients what to expect. These reviews can also bolster your company, business, or firm’s reputation.

At BluShark Digital, we help our clients reach out and ask the right questions to not only get great and authentic reviews, but also get detailed information posted that can help improve rankings and bring in new clients.

The Importance of Review Schema

GMB reviews translate to more than just the listing. By using Review Schema, our team at BluShark Digital is able to add reviews to both your website and organic search results.

google results page

This schema code pulls the star rating and a specific review into your search result, which can help to legitimize your online presence and help clients feel safe to click on your site.

Learn More About How GMB Reviews Can Impact Your Online Presence

In the continually evolving, innovative, and competitive field of digital marketing, authentic user reviews can go a long way to help your site stand out. At BluShark Digital, we help each one of our clients make an impression with an authentic GMB profile and honest reviews from customers and clients.

To learn more about the importance of Google My Business reviews, call us today to schedule a consultation about your digital marketing strategy.

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