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BluShark Digital implements aggressive SEO strategies that help law firms and other small businesses bring in more leads and grow their businesses online. By developing an advanced marketing plan specific to your business model, we help your business stand out to an audience that does not yet know your name but is in need of your legal services.

BluShark Digital works hand-in-hand with our clients to highlight a law firm’s personality and brand your business through an authoritative website to convert searchers into leads.

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BluShark Digital LLC was founded on the principle of providing high quality online marketing solutions for companies struggling to stand out online. Whether it be in local, organic, or paid search, BluShark Digital can help your business grow and succeed online.



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The Ever Changing Art of Law Firm

Search Engine Optimization

The Google algorithm is always changing and will continue to evolve. What is a home run one day can fail the next. Google’s goal, however, has remained the same from the start: To provide a searcher with the best possible answer to their question. Lawyers have an opportunity to provide Google with that information, in turn, building their businesses’ online presence. By creating a technically sound site with carefully cultivated content, generating authoritative inbound links, and building a local presence, a business is practicing the highest form of SEO which can yield tremendous returns on investment.

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Search Engine Optimization

BluShark digital is at the cutting edge of SEO techniques and our results back this. We bring together high-quality content creation, authoritative online linking, creative back-end programming, and grassroots local branding. Our SEO is more than just a product. It is our practice.

The Four Fundamentals of

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Our digital marketing strategies focus on the four fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization for law firms – high-quality technical optimization, sophisticated content, authoritative link-building, and local optimization.

When these four fundamentals are effectively utilized, a website is able to gain trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of Google, move to the top of the search result page and produce quality results.

Building a Website with

High-Quality Technical Optimization

Just as Google wants to show sites that provide the best answer to a user’s search query, Google also places value on sites that are coded properly. Proper coding matters to Google as it creates a better user experience. For example, a site that loads quickly and works across all digital platforms – computers, phones, and tablets of all kinds – is important. Given that over 50% of Google searches come from mobile users, a lawyer who only creates a desktop version of their site is missing out on over half of their potential customer base.

Becoming an Authority in

Legal Marketing Through Sophisticated Content

As a lawyer and business owner, it is imperative to be able to demonstrate to Google your authority through the written word. Google is extremely sophisticated in its ability to decipher the difference between high- and low-quality content. Providing sophisticated content is necessary to building a solid foundation for an SEO friendly and optimized legal website that ranks.

Building a trustworthy brand through

Authoritative Backlink Strategies

Once you have built a foundation of optimized and informational content, Google needs to understand that your content is trustworthy enough to be endorsed by other websites – that other websites are raising their hand and citing your brand and your information – through backlinks. When a website links to your law firm website, this is a signal to Google that another website trusts your content and believes you are an expert in your industry. The more websites that point at your content through backlinking, the more likely Google is to understand your content is the best answer for its searcher.

Dominating a Market with

Local SEO for Law Firms

Search Engine Optimization often focuses on ranking a law firm website in the top ten organic results, but these results are steadily slipping lower and lower (scroll after scroll on a mobile device) on the first page of Google. Now showing above the organic top ten results are Google Ads at the very top of the page, followed by Google’s “Local 3-pack” or Google’s “Map Pack.”

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