Should I Be the Face of My Business?

17 Apr, 2024 Branding Through SEO

Entrepreneurship thrives on identity, which can be seen through all kinds of businesses. From home essentials to law firms, understanding how to represent your business can elevate your connection with your consumers. With the emergence of representation in companies, being the “face” of a brand is a hot topic, but why? This article dissects not only what it means to be the representation of a company, but also explores different types of self-branding and things to consider when deciding to become the face of your brand.

What Does it Mean to Be the “Face” of a Business?

Essentially, the word “face” in this context is synonymous to the word “brand”: it is how you present your values, personality, and aesthetic to consumers. Brand development is usually formed by marketing tactics, but it can also be developed naturally. In the case of being the face of your business, you have a chance to use your values and personal identity to create an emotional tie with your target audience.

The Archetypes Within Face Branding

When choosing to be the face to represent your brand, there are a couple of different ways you can tell your story to your audience. The first archetype is being “self-made”, which entails crafting a story that gives the reader insight into the trials and tribulations you faced to get where you are today. Another example of an archetype within being the face of a business entails using personal stories to connect with your audience. Relatability is vital in the crafting of this process, as consumers will align themselves with a brand that speaks to real-life, raw experiences. Additionally, an archetype you may also find within face branding involves being the master of your craft. Marketing yourself as the smartest, most qualified person in your field of work shows your audience that your services are of much validity.

Making the Decision to Become the Face of Your Brand

The decision of showcasing yourself as the face of your brand can be one filled with many questions. When pondering if this is the right move for your entrepreneurial endeavors, consider the following: your overall comfortability in being the spokesperson for the brand, comfortability being the face in all forms of media, having a background that is exposé-free, and if you visually fit the role of the what your company embodies. After these considerations, you can determine if this is the right fit for you and your company.