On this episode of the SEO insider, Gyi Tsakalakis joins Seth in discussing various aspects of local search and SEO strategies. Seth and Gyi discuss legal SEO, with Gyi recounting an instance where they deliberately triggered a manual action by Google after they built a test site with unnatural links. They also touch on best practices in link building, from risky practices like buying links from spammy domains to more benign methods like sponsoring local community events.

The pair discuss the importance of local visibility, share of local voice, and the role of LSAs (Local Services Ads) in local search results. They emphasize the need for law firms to focus on user experience, reviews, and engagement with platforms like Google.

Gyi highlights the significance of having a site that capitalizes on the ability to rank whenever possible through link building. He suggests that firms should reconsider consolidating pages if it affects their visibility for target queries. Tune in for all this and more on SEO strategies!

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