Welcome back to the Legal Tech Insider, presented by Blushark Digital. BluShark Digital provides high-quality online marketing solutions for companies struggling to stand out online through Search Engine Optimization. Join our industry leaders throughout this series to learn about the latest and greatest technology to bring your firm to the next level. In this week’s episode, Blushark’s Nalini Prasad talks with Jonathan Brickman, Strategic Advisor and Chief Revenue Officer of EmotionTrac. EmotionTracis a platform that utilizes AI to uncover hidden insights to maximize the valuation and outcomes for law firms. Brickman discusses the uniqueness of this platform and the growth law firms have seen since using the product. With EmotionTrac, your firm is able to access insights that you cannot find with traditional focus groups. EmotionTrac sends your recordings to a group of anonymous individuals while collecting key insights, using the virtual platform. For more information to decide if EmotionTrac is the right fit for your law firm, go to https://legal.emotiontrac.com.

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