Welcome back to the Legal Tech Insider, presented by Blushark Digital. Blushark Digital provides high-quality online marketing solutions for companies struggling to stand out online through Search Engine Optimization. Join our industry leaders throughout this series to learn about the latest and greatest technology to bring your firm to the next level. In this week’s episode, Blushark Digital’s Nalini Prasad speaks with Pratik Shah, Chief Executive Officer of EsquireTek. EsquireTek is a litigation support and automation platform for law firms. It is currently the only tool that allows clients to respond to discovery requests from their phone. The groundbreaking software turns endless hours of preparing discovery responses, creating shells and adding objections into just a few clicks. Shah explains the story of EsquireTek and the importance of the product for your law firm’s time and convenience. To learn more about EsquireTek and how the technology can assist your law firm’s success and time management, go to https://www.esquiretek.com.

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