Welcome back to the Legal Tech Insider, presented by Blushark Digital. Blushark Digital provides high-quality online marketing solutions for companies struggling to stand out online through Search Engine Optimization. Join our industry leaders throughout this series to learn about the latest and greatest technology to bring your firm to the next level. In this week’s episode, Nalini Prasad of Blushark Digital interviews Steve Hartman of GatherUp. GatherUp, formerly known as GetFiveStars, is a customer experience and online review engine. Today Hartman talks about some of the specific enablements of the GatherUp platform, such as insights, empowering marketing, and converting customers. He also discusses how GatherUp came to be, as well as what sets the platform apart from its competitors in the reviews space. We learn that GatherUp puts the customer experience first to help businesses succeed. To learn more about GatherUp and how it can serve your law firm’s marketing, go to https://gatherup.com.

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