On this episode of The SEO Insider, Seth Price interviews Alex Schlinsky from Prospecting On Demand – a unique agency designed to help you build an infinitely scalable agency. Alex explains his background, talking about how he “kind of stumbled, frankly, ass backwards into running an agency.” He then explains how he has molded Prospecting On Demand into what it is today, servicing 50 agencies at a time for periods of a few years (or so), and helping them set and meet their goals, particularly in regards to landing higher-paying and more profitable clients.

One clear distinction that Alex made, and a differentiator that makes his company unique, is that Prospecting On Demand is “a client success company, not a client acquisition company,” meaning that they are committed to the 50 agencies that are their clients, rather than always being focused on scaling. Alex also provides listeners with many inspirational and insightful moments as he stresses the importance of finding out why employees selfishly want to work for you in order to help your company set better goals. 

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