On this episode of the SEO Insider, Seth Price interviews David Kauzlaric, co-founder at Agency Elevation, a 100% USA-based white label SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads management firm for ambitious agency owners. As David explains in the episode, white label essentially means that they are doing the work behind the scenes for a lot of other marketing agencies. Seth asks David what it is like to deal with modest dollar-per-month clients, compared to what BluShark deals with in the legal space, and how Daniel has to leverage his almost 20 years of SEO experience to maximize Agency Elevation’s margins.

David explains that is key to identify and really understand “what works, and what moves the needle as opposed to what doesn’t. So there’s this fine balance that we’ve had to strike between having deliverables to have deliverables, and having deliverables that actually move the needle.” The duo also dive deep into Google Business Profiles, the mechanics of reviews on Google, and the Future of AI in the digital space.