On this episode of the SEO Insider, Seth Price interviews Hamid Kohan, Founder, President, and CEO at Legal Soft, a company trusted by over 650 law firms to help firms grow through trained virtual assistants, expert marketing, and full practice set-up. Seth asks Hamid about the process of properly hiring and training overseas staff. He also explains that he aims for overseas staff at BluShark to feel like part of the team, which Hamid agrees should be the goal of hiring such employees.

Hamid details how Legal Soft has developed a framework for hiring where they have a physical presence in eight countries with talent acquisition that fields job applications in those specific countries. After hiring, Hamid says “we have an extensive training curriculum that is designed and created by US based attorneys who practice in that area who helped us create that curriculum. So we train them. And then we put them on our payroll, and we deploy them into a law firm as dedicated, full time virtual staff that are trained to do that specific job”. Tune in to learn more!