Looking to take your business to the next level by leveraging best practices in leadership development and company culture for international, domestic, and remote staff? On this episode of the SEO Insider, Seth Price interviews JC Hite, the CEO and founder of Hite Digital, a white label digital marketing agency. JC and Seth discuss the dichotomy of remote versus in-person work and the opportunities and techniques for international versus domestic staff, leveraging JC’s experience launching his company with an international office in Latin America. Despite advancements in remote work since the start of COVID-19, JC discusses how leadership and culture is developed through in-person interactions – as well as effective client relationships. Hite states, “the most important factor when it comes to retaining clients is relationships.” Hite also emphasizes the need for learning and leadership development within a successful company; pushing digital certifications and development processes. Hite Digital dedicates 10% of its staff to teaching.

While this episode covers how the last few years – and notably the pandemic – have affected work culture and opportunities, Seth and JC also take a deep dive into the future. With different perspectives on the evolution of AI and the most effective way to leverage these new technologies, Seth and JC provide a detailed synopsis of how AI will affect the future of digital marketing and business development. 

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