On this episode of The SEO Insider, Seth Price interviews our very own Futurist in Residence for BluShark and Price Benowitz: world-renowned speaker, Peter Shankman. Seth dives right in with his longtime friend, asking Peter about how he stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the tech of the future. Peter explains how he tries to learn from younger generations by observing and listening; he also tells the audience that it is important to understand what you don’t know before you can do anything at all.

Peter delves further into AI, saying “AI is not going to radically change your world if you don’t a) know what to do with it and b) already have a basic comprehension of how to do business.” Seth specifically asks about how Google will view AI content in terms of search results moving forward. Peter believes that we will eventually see AI generated content and real human generated content on Google, marked as such, similar to how we currently see sponsored results when we search something up on the web.

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