What is Avvo?

Avvo is a popular lawyer directory that includes 97% of U.S. lawyers. Because of its informational strength and authority, Avvo often appears at the top of Google’s page one organic results. For this reason, many lawyers continue to prioritize their listing on Avvo. Listing yourself on AVVO gets you visibility, but are you capitalizing on this visibility by providing the most accurate and favorable representation of yourself?

One of the most predominant items featured on your AVVO profile beyond the typical contact information, credentials, and reviews is the AVVO lawyer rating (1-10). Our one-page guide will help enhance your profile with a shiny 10.0 Star Rating.

    Achieving a perfect 10.0 rating on Avvo can be a bit of a challenge. Often great lawyers find themselves hitting a wall once they have reached an 8.0 rating. Good news is that AVVO’s ratings function on an algorithm. By completing your profile and adding information such as speaking engagements and endorsements, you are able to increase your ratings.

    Most of these items will boost your ratings in real time – some like reviews have a ~72 hour approval time frame before you see the increase in your rating.

    Our one-page guide provides you with all the tips and steps to achieve a 10.0 star rating on AVVO. Goodluck!