Preparing your “just in case of gbp suspension” file

One of a business’s worst nightmares for local SEO is to have a Google My Business be suspended by Google. A suspension means your GMB is no longer showing on the front end – individuals are not allowed to leave new reviews, see reviews, or see you listed in any 3 pack at all.

In the event you have been suspended and need to start the appeals process with Google, the Preparing Your “Just In case of GMB Suspension” File one-pager is going to be your best friend. In this resource, we break down the items you should have handy in the event of a suspension so you’re able to quickly appeal the suspension and get your GMB back live ASAP.

    A GMB may be suspended for a number of reasons. Sometimes the business has engaged in shady behavior leading to a suspension, while other times a business may have played by all the rules and still find themselves in a suspension predicament.
    Examples of deserved GMB to be suspensions:

    • Your business is a storage unit or some other non-commercial business address
    • Your satellite offices are located in a Regus, WeWork, or other shared office building solely for the purpose of local optimization
    • The account associated with ownership of your GMB has been flagged as being spammy, inappropriate, or similar
    • Your GMB name does not match your business name and is padded with keywords (spammy)

    Examples of wrongful suspensions:

    • A competitor has reported your GMB as spammy
    • A competitor has reported your GMB as not a real office location
    • Your primary office is out of a Regus, WeWork, or other shared office space (you actually work out of the office)

    Be sure to start the appeals process as soon as possible after a suspension to ensure you’re not missing from the search results for too long. The longer you’re not visible, the more leads you’re losing.