Local Search

The way individuals are using search engines today highlights the importance of why a business needs to show well in local search. Simply put, local search is the listing of search results that appear in the “3-pack” or map results. A searchers results are curtailed to better meet their convenience, and many times that means showing results that are close to their location. The design of the search engine results page, also shows the local search results first, highlighting the personalized approach many search engines are going for.

Showing well in local search also means that your business name, website link, and phone number will display before the organic search results even begin.

Changing Landscape

One of the most important aspects of local search is staying on top of the constantly changing ways local search results are displayed and optimized. Google and other search engines have changed how businesses are displayed, how many are displayed, as well as what information is displayed before, each time changing how users connect with local businesses. At BluShark Digital our local search team understands the importance of staying current on any local search changes. Our cutting edge techniques have successfully helped businesses increase their visibility in local search and drive more leads to their business.


One of the biggest reasons a consumer will make a buying decision is based off of what other people are saying about a product or business. The internet has many different places where people communicate with each other about their experiences using a product or service, whether that be a positive or negative one. Knowing how and where to send individuals so that they can leave their feedback about you and your business is extremely important not only for local search ranking purposes but also for converting potential leads into clients.

Optimizing Local Search

There are many different things search engines are considering when choosing who to display in the local search results. One of the most important things is the consistency of a business’s NAP or Name, Address, Phone number. Making sure that you are listed consistently online will help users better connect with your business, as well as help you display better in the local search results.

There are a number of other local search optimization ranking factors, and things any business should do if they want to show well in the local search results. At BluShark Digital, we strive to provide the highest level of local search service, and implement best practices for local search marketing.

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