Our hosts Paul Faust and Seth Price are back with another episode of the Conference Connection. Join them as they unpack upcoming events such as the Motorcycle Accident Summit in March and MTMP and the Women In Trial Travel Summit in April. Together, the pair provides invaluable insights into what lawyers and vendors should look for when deciding what conferences to attend.

Seth and Paul explain the difference between some of the conferences that garner more attendees, and the wide range of networking opportunities compared to smaller conferences such as TortX. However, at these smaller conferences, one can really form closer bonds in a more intimate setting. 

Paul and Seth encourage listeners to send in Masterminds or Conferences you think are worth discussing on the podcast! You can email your suggestions to bd@blusharkdigital.com

Check out the upcoming conferences discussed on this podcast:

Motorcycle Accident Summit (Law Tigers), March 4th-7th: 


Women in Trial, April 3rd-7th: 


MTMP, April 3rd-5th: 


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