Dive deep into the heart of legal networking with our hosts Paul Foust and Seth Price in the latest episode of the Conference Connection. Join them as they unpack top-tier events like AAJ, TortX, the ABA Tech Show, and MTMP, providing insights into what attendees can expect and how to make the most out of these gatherings. From the American Association for Justice’s powerhouse of trial lawyers to the tech-driven environment of TortX, discover the pulse of the legal industry and the invaluable opportunities these conferences offer. Gain insider knowledge on navigating diverse agendas, maximizing networking prospects, and honing professional skills in a dynamic ecosystem of legal practitioners, vendors, and industry leaders. Plus, get an insider’s perspective on the League, a dynamic coalition empowering women in the legal profession, and the transformative impact of their initiatives. Tune in and subscribe to the Conference Connection. #LegalNetworking #AAJ #TortX #ABATechShow #LawTigers #MTMP #Fireproof #TheLeague #LegalTech #ProfessionalDevelopment #LegalCommunity