Fairly Local

Nalini Prasad joins hosts Liel Levy and Grace Montealegre on the In Camera Podcast to discuss all things Google Business Profile. From how GBP can serve your business to what you can do in order to avoid a GBP suspension, the episode explores how GBP has evolved to become the heart and soul of a business online.

As GBP continues to grow and continuously update with new features, Nalini discusses what firms should aim to include on their listings and why these features are important in consideration to ranking factors. 

Additionally, Nalini speaks on how to maintain your GBP profile once it is created and what to consider when choosing your own local SEO vendor. Now has become more important than ever to ensure you are continuously monitoring and updating your profile as Google evolves into a social platform so has a drastic impact on business. 

Listen in for great tips on utilizing GBP and why it can greatly benefit your business in generating quality leads online.

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