The Maximum Lawyer Podcast: Running a Remote Office

Shawn Hamp joins hosts Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux on their Maximum Lawyer Podcast, to speak on his 2019 MaxLawCon presentation about how to run a remote office. As the president and lead counsel for the Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp, P.C., Shawn touches on aspects of managing employees, client intakes, logistics and more.

With working remotely as a “click and mortar” business model, Shawn uses his presentation to guide others through this model as it is becoming more accepted in the digital age. The episode discusses the fundamental aspect of creating an extensive plan, and how it works in conjunction with having employees and management that you can trust and rely on to properly carry it out.

Other steps that Shawn includes are to ensure that your computer, telephone and logistics systems are coordinated to allow for easy communication between all employees, in addition to contacting courts to inquire if they will allow you to appear remotely.

Listen to the episode below to help you smoothly run your remote office while maintaining a good work environment that prioritizes efficiency. 

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