The Lawman’s Lounge: Life and Law After COVID-19

Seth joins good friend Bill Umansky on his up and coming podcast – The Lawman’s Lounge.
Bill is a law firm owner himself based out of Orlando, Florida.

In Episode two of the podcast, Seth and Bill discuss the state of law firms during coronavirus. With intake down, Seth shares how law firm owners can turn their attention to projects that can help them come out on the other side of quarantine stronger.

Some questions addressed are:

           – How should law firm owners deal with “cutting the fat” of resources that are
nonessential to run the business?
           – How should I decide who to keep or let go in terms of employment?
           – Where do i begin with moving the operations online and virtual?
           – What projects should i work on that can help me in the long run?

A great opportunity to be a fly on the wall listening to these two seasoned law firm owners brainstorm – you never know where the conversation will go, but it will always lead to at least one actionable takeaway.

Listen below:

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