Un-Billable Hour: Decoding Search Engine Optimization

Seth Price joins Christopher Anderson, host of Unbillable Hour, a podcast on the Legal Talk Network, to dissect the main components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to use them to your advantage so you can stand out from the competition. In the episode, the two explore the best ways in which you can grow revenues, maximize your efficiency, and how to make your law firm work for you. 

Seth stresses the importance of building a foundation with organic searches, rather than solely focusing on short-term paid components, as he breaks down why SEO is vital to getting your website on the map. This is done through the four elements of a good SEO strategy, which include high quality content, authoritative links, technical aspects, and the local component. 

Listen below to delve into the details of these four components and steps to take to ensure that you are maximizing their potential as a tool to differentiate you and your website from the competition. 

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