What to Know About Google’s November Broad Core Update

22 Mar, 2022 Google News, Uncategorized

Google has recently completed the rollout of their November 2021 core update. This update is Google’s latest broad core algorithm update, the third of 2021. Broad core algorithm updates are general updates to the overall algorithm that adjusts how content is assessed and webpages are ranked. This typically causes many sites to experience noticeable changes in their search ranking.

How Will This Update Impact You?

It is not uncommon for many sites to see drops in rankings and organic traffic. If you experience changes in ranking, you’ll want to analyze your site to find out why. To improve your ranking and traffic, it is important to quickly implement any changes. Regularly evaluating your site helps ensure you are providing relevant and high-quality content.

Tips for high-quality content:

  • Provide original information
  • Use descriptive headlines and titles
  • Create authoritative and trustworthy material
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and formatting issues
  • Provide value to the searcher

Recently, Google has begun rolling out mobile-first indexing, which puts greater emphasis on websites that are easily viewed on mobile devices. The newest update likely follows this trend, so it is important to review your site and ensure that it is mobile-friendly. Google recommends that sites practice their mobile-first approach, so a well-adapted mobile site should prevent any ranking decreases.

Top Industries Affected by the November Google Update

Data from SEMrush shows that some of the top industries affected by the recent update include health, pets & animals, science, people & society, and real estate. These areas showed increased volatility in search and ranking in days following the update, potentially due to the competitiveness of these industries.

The search volume for these topics drives competitive ranking results for both organic and paid search. If your business falls under one of these industries, your rankings may suffer due to the recent update. It is more important than ever to have a defined search engine optimization strategy.

Learn More about Google’s Recent Broad Core Updates

Google releases broad core algorithm updates 3 to 4 times per year. Remember, a drop in rankings is not meant to penalize you. Rather, a drop reflects Google’s re-assessment of their algorithm to present the best possible sites to its searchers. If you were negatively affected by the most recent Google algorithm update, reach out to BluShark Digital for a quote today.