No More Core Updates This Year, Says Google

09 Jan, 2023 Google News

According to a Google official, it does not appear Google will be rolling out another core update this year. In 2022, Google rolled out multiple core updates, including the May 2022 Core Update and September 2022 Core Update, which significantly impacted rankings. Typically, the main goal of Google core updates is to improve the relevance of search results and make searches more beneficial and practical for users. This usually means considerable changes to Google’s algorithm and leads to impactful fluctuations in search engine results pages (SERPs). Although Google consistently implements more minor updates like the Helpful Content and Link Spam updates of December 2022, core updates generally have a more meaningful impact. With the gap in time since the last core update and many minor alterations to the algorithm debuting recently, many SEO experts predicted another core update could roll out by year’s end. Despite predictions, it appears Google has no agenda for an end-of-year core update.

Statement from Google Search Advocate

According to a recent tweet by John Mueller, Search Advocate for Google, there are no plans for a core update for the rest of the 2022 year. Additionally, John mentions that the rollout of other updates may still exhibit visible changes in search this year.

Why This is Important

As the holiday season is rapidly approaching, we likely won’t see any drastic changes to Google search algorithms during this time. However, with the December 2022 Link Spam and Helpful Content updates still in the implementation process, it’s important to note that the SERPs could still fluctuate. Search rankings should stay primarily stable besides the usual smaller fluctuations that regularly occur.

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